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February 22, 2010

G5’s iPhone game is Free in Sweden only

G5 Entertainment is providing the full version of its best-selling iPhone game "Stand O’ Food" for free in Sweden only. The game is sold for $2.99 or equivalent in local currency around the world, but G5 has just released a special version of the game available only in Sweden, called "Stand O' Food gratis fullversion - endast i Sverige". You can find this game in iTunes Store (App Store), or follow this URL to open the game’s page in iTunes:

When the player runs the game, it tells the player about G5 Entertainment and explains that the game is a gift to Swedish users from Swedish developer G5 Entertainment listed at Aktietorget exchange, and optionally offers the player to visit the site of G5 and Aktietorget. Following this introductory message, the player is free to enjoy the full unlimited version of one of G5’s best-selling iPhone games.

February 19, 2010

G5 launches PC games portal at

G5 Entertainment announces the launch of company’s PC games portal at

Starting today, visitors of the portal can download free 1-hour trial versions of G5’s PC games, and purchase the full version upon the expiration of the trial period. Currently the portal offers all G5’s PC casual games, and will soon offer the best casual games from other developers.

Vlad Suglobov, CEO, comments: "G5 is a cross-platform casual game publisher, and our renewed PC games portal is a part of our strategy of providing millions of our customers with the best casual entertainment – on the go, in their office and at home."

February 17, 2010

G5 releases Supermarket Management for the iPhone

G5 Entertainment announces the release of Supermarket Management game for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Supermarket Management, which was originally developed for PC by Playful Age, has been both a critical and consumer success, having been downloaded millions of times.

Supermarket Management is a mile-a-minute time-management game, and follows Kate, a recent college graduate, as she builds her career in a grocery store. From keeping customers happy and shelves stocked, to hiring and supervising employees as a manager, Supermarket Management challenges players at every step. As Kate’s responsibilities increase from low-level tasks to managing multiple stores, Supermarket Management becomes more complex. 

The fast-paced, addictive gameplay of Supermarket Management includes a wide variety of mini-games in addition to classic time-management action. Each store can be embellished with unique upgrades, and a huge variety of delicious foods are available to satisfy customers. Colorful graphics and a cheerful soundtrack provide players with a top-notch handheld gaming experience.

Supermarket Management is available on the App Store at:

For more information, please visit Supermarket Management’s home page at, G5 Entertainment’s YouTube channel at, or G5’s Facebook page at

February 03, 2010

G5’s game tops App Store charts

The iPhone game The Mystery of the Crystal Portal, developed and published by G5 Entertainment under license from Artogon Corp., has entered Top 50 Paid Games charts in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, and Australia following Apple’s promotion of the game in the App Store that started this week.

Vlad Suglobov, CEO, comments: "The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is a stunning game, and it was showing strong and growing sales since it was released on the App Store last days of December 2009. We are glad that Apple recognized the qualities of this great game, and has elected it for the promotion. It will no doubt reflect positively on our results in Q1 2010."

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is available on the App Store at:

For more information about the game, please visit The Mystery of the Crystal Portal home page at:

February 01, 2010

G5 publishes Jane’s Hotel for the iPhone

G5 Entertainment announces the release of Jane’s Hotel for iPhone and iPod Touch. The time-management game, developed by Realore, has already attracted millions of players on PC, and is now published for the iPhone by G5 Entertainment.

 In Jane’s Hotel, players guide Jane as she begins her hospitality career with a simple 2-star hotel on the outskirts of town. Quick wits and reflexes will be required if Jane’s hotel is to reach its full potential. Players must keep visitors satisfied with clean rooms, exquisite drinks and tasty meals. As the cash rolls in throughout 40 dynamic levels, accommodations can be upgraded until Jane is running a sophisticated five-star hotel.

Jane’s Hotel is available on the App Store at:

For more information about the game, please visit Jane’s Hotel home page at:,

 G5 Entertainment’s YouTube channel at,

or G5’s Facebook page at